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We specialize in English and Spanish translations which allows us to excel in this niche.

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Flat 14¢ per word. No tiered pricing. No minimums. No setup costs. No hidden fees.

High Quality

100% human translations by experts uniquely qualified to translate from English to Spanish and Spanish to English with high accuracy (99%+).

Fast Turnaround

We work efficiently and effectively to provide you fast turnarounds. Urgent option also available.


All documents and translations are secured during the translation process to ensure they don't end up in the wrong hands.


We maintain strict confidentiality and do not keep copies of original documents or translations once they are finalized.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

If we do not deliver your translation on-time, we will refund you 10% of the total. If an urgent order, we will refund you the urgent surcharge plus 10% of the remainder.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with your translation for whatever reason, please get in touch with us and we will do whatever it takes to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Book Translations

Translate your Book into Spanish

Reach 500 Million People

Did you know there are over 500 million Spanish speakers in the world? The easiest way to quickly and significantly expand your sales is to translate your book into Spanish. Translating your book is equivalent to you writing a whole new book but without any effort on your part. We do all the work for you as we specialize in translating books from English to Spanish for those authors looking to expand to the colossal 500-million-people Spanish-speaking market. Book translations are the most difficult of all translations not only because they are the longest, but also because the context in stories is significantly more important since chapters intertwine in ways no other documents do. This means that a subpar translation without taking the proper context of the entire story into account can be disastrous for sales. Worse still, most authors won’t even be aware of a poor translation of their book because a cursory glance at a substandard translation may appear accurate on the surface, but when read as a whole may not make much sense at all. So when the poorly-translated Spanish version of their book ends up underperforming in the Spanish-speaking market, those unfortunate authors incorrectly assume it’s because their book just didn’t appeal to the Spanish audience, when in reality their book simply wasn't translated properly and therefore did not actually connect with Spanish speakers. This is why it is vital to get the translation of a book right the first time to ensure those crucial positive reviews early on to propel sales forward as you only have one shot to impress Spanish speakers. That is why you need an expert to do the translations and that is precisely where our expert translators come in as they can translate the entire context of your book from cover to cover to help you maximize your sales in the Spanish-speaking market so that you get the best results possible without having to wonder "what if?". We have helped countless authors explode their sales with a Spanish translation of their books and we are ready to help you. You can even choose between Spanish from Latin-America or Spain as we have native experts in each. Inquire with us today to learn more.

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We focus on providing value-for-money in order to meet all needs without ever compromising on quality.

English to Spanish

14¢ / word Low pricing. Expert Quality.


  • Document evaluation
  • Translation to Spanish
  • Proofreading
  • Guaranteed by our SLA

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  • Document evaluation
  • Translation to English
  • Proofreading
  • Guaranteed by our SLA

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+9¢ / word Expedited preparation and delivery.


  • Rush delivery
  • Same high quality
  • Spanish or English
  • Guaranteed by our SLA
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Where quality matters the most, our expert translations make all the difference.

Small Businesses

Where the right balance between quality and cost matters the most, our expert translations and low cost strike the perfect balance for small businesses.


Where price matters the most, our simple, transparent, low-cost pricing of just 14¢ a word fits everyone's budget.

Our Process

Meticulous. Efficient. Effective.

Although we price per word, we don't translate per word because context matters. So first our experts read the entire document to understand the context. If necessary, we research & investigate the context further for a more precise understanding. Once we completely understand the context, we start by translating sentence by sentence within the context of each individual paragraph. We then review each paragraph within the context of each section and improve where necessary. Finally, we review each section within the context of the entire document to further refine for clarity and quality assurance. This process coupled with our highly-experienced translators is how we always provide expert translations.


Read Entire Document


Understand Context


Translate in Context

Experienced Translators

Meet our Expert Translators

With a breadth and depth of unique experience, our team is qualified to translate any document between English and Spanish and often times work together on translations to synergize their unique talents for an even better end result. Meet some of our experts below.

James Ramos

Expert Translator

I have a Masters in Translation Studies, speak 6 languages fluently, and have lived in the US, UK, and Australia. Translating is my passion. Attention to detail is my mantra.

Eduardo Williams

Expert Translator

I have a PhD in Modern Languages & Linguistics and have lived all over the Americas and Spain which has given me a unique understanding of the different regional varieties of Spanish.

Caroline Ramirez

Expert Translator

I am bi-racial and speak English and Spanish natively. I think in both languages and consider both of them my "first" language. This comes in handy when translating context.

Nigel Miles

Expert Translator

I have more than 35 years of experience translating between English and Spanish in many different industries. I have a unique understanding of industry jargon.


Over 18,000 Satisfied Clients

No one knows our work better than our thousands of satisfied clients. Read just some of their feedback below.

Our latest update

Case Study

We were approached by a Client based in Boston who was expanding simultaneously to Spain and South America and needed to translate job-related documents from English to Spanish for hiring purposes. They were not aware that there were different dialects and varieties of Spanish between Spain and South America, and also between South American countries, so we provided them multiple translations to fit each of the individual countries they were expanding to which ultimately allowed them to exceed their hiring expectations in each Spanish-speaking market.


Experts that make all the difference.

With over 15 years of experience, our company knows what it takes to create high quality translations. When it comes to translations, having an expert eye makes all the difference, especially when the Client does not speak the target language and cannot verify the quality of the work. Corporations, small businesses, and individuals come to us because they know that we never compromise on quality.

We understand that translations aren't a simple if/then execution, which is why machines can't produce high-quality translations like ours. Translating is more art than science. Machine translators try to mimic human experts but don't even come close when quality matters. That's because only a human translator can understand and capture the nuances in human communications that literal translations fail so spectacularly at. Context matters.

Of course, not all human translators are created equal, and that's where our experts make the biggest difference to always provide truly expert translations whether you need to translate books, translate documents, translate websites, translate apps, or any general professional translation. We are an unparalleled Spanish translation agency, and our Spanish translation company and expert translators will work tirelessly to ensure you receive a 5-star Spanish translation service.

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